Open Architecture

Open Architecture, founded in 2006 by Ema Opritoiu & Alex Parvanu, with main office established in Bucharest, Romania. Long experience on local and international projects has highlighted our specializations in architecture, interior design, urban planning and consulting in these fields.

Architecture involves emotions, aesthetics, image, light, materials, details and spirituality. Our key challenge is to be able to combine all these things, to integrate them in the social and environmental context and to build around the real needs of the client, a project of complete success.


More than 15 years of successfully completing projects have given us a huge wealth of practical and theoretical experience. Our team has designed a wide range of projects from the small scale of a private home to the large scale of urban design. In the last years, we have focused and specialized on the integration and management of architectural and interior design projects. Our company provides targeted services on the integration side of interior design projects, starting from the project planning to the actual implementation on site.


As what we design today is normally built in one to five years’ time, we’re used to working with the future in mind, so we develop strategies that not only anticipate the future, but possible changes to that future as well.
In the vision of Open Architecture & Lifestyle, a successful project is one whose functionality is in perfect balance with its aesthetics, the one whose lifespan will exceed that of a simple trend.


Open Architecture is a full-service architecture design network. We specialise in architecture, interior architecture&design, urban development, consulting and project management services.


What makes us special is that our work team which consists only of serious and professional people who are involved in solving the investment from the project phase to the monitoring of the site and ensuring the correct implementation of the finishes. Our team of specialists includes: architects, interior designers and project managers.

Collaborating, working and learning

As we have simultaneously extended our network to include consultants, partners, and advisors, we are in a position to work efficiently and effectively on any type of project.