Urban planning and the component of the situation plan

After studying traditional architecture, we took the concept of pavilion architecture and arranged the main buildings around an open space, thus generating courtyards, in which are arranged small Chinese gardens with water holes and public spaces, terraces, cafes, areas where there are cultural events such as urban art exhibitions.
The layout of the buildings on the land leaves free perspective to Daming Park and also access to public areas in the center is possible on all sides of the land. In this way, anyone passing on the 2 main traffic arteries is attracted by the action that can be seen on these corridors between buildings. The access inside the complex is made symbolically through MOON GATES, which are traditionally used in Chinese gardens, thus, we suggest that inside we will discover a place to relax and spend quality free time. Most of the design elements, such as pergolas, pavements, moon gates, are inspired by Chinese geometric motifs.

Buildings architecture

An extremely important architectural objective for Xi’An, is GIANT GOOSE PAGODA. We took over the characteristics of this building – multiple floors with roofs on each level and floors that retreat to the top – and reinterpreted them in a contemporary way. Also, just as a classical pagoda serves as an observation point for the surrounding landscape, for our buildings, roofs arranged as gardens will be the places where people can admire Daming Park and its surroundings.


100% modern/contemporary architecture, but with many green surfaces (such as the terraces on the top levels of the building, the platform/square in front of the main access to the building), which come as an extension of Daming Park. The main building is oriented on the diagonal of the land so that it has a large area that is oriented towards Daming Park. In the upper part of the building, there are residential apartments and penthouses with generous terraces facing the park. At the bottom is situated the hotel. The area in front of the building, where the main access is made, is arranged as a continuation of the park with green esplanades and landscaping specific to the area. On the other side of the main building is a 3-level building, where facilities will be provided for hotel guests (such as SPA & WELLNESS center, gym, indoor and outdoor pool, bars and restaurants etc.), and spaces dedicated exclusively to the permanent inhabitants of the building.


    Daming Centre

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