The project is situated in the northwestern part of Bucharest, outside of the city. The location was desired for its accessibility to the capital’s richest area, its proximity to the 3 richest towns in the Metropolitan area (Buftea, Mogosoaia, Corbeanca) and for the nearby forest.
The concept is centered around the idea of creating a smart city that targets the growing numbers of expats, as the city’s infrastructure can’t sustain this large population’s needs. It’s purpose is to gather everything needed in terms of facilities and functions, which are grouped in 3 main Pillars:

  • Education (university, campus, college, school, nursery);
  • Residential (housing);
  • Public area (commercial center, restaurants, hotel&spa, medical services)

With its complete set of facilities, sustainability and its full British architecture, this urbanistic concept would be unique in Eastern Europe.



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